1. Radicchio di Treviso
    Radicchio di Treviso
  2. Prosecco
  3. Casatella Trevigiana D.O.P
    Casatella Trevigiana D.O.P.
  4. Cabernet
  5. Asparago Cimadolmo
    Asparago Bianco di Cimadolmo

Gourmet Tour


Gastronomic excellences of Marca Trevigiana

One of the great passions that can be found in this land is given by a philosophy of food and wine, which rises from ancient local knowledge.

The most important food was obtained from animals and the pig was the best, but also farmyard animals and birds, were predominant in the menus of several holiday cottages scattered throughout the territory.

In addition, the mountains and the rivers are particularly suitable for trout.

Meat and fish do not exclude an abundant harvest of herbs and vegetables such as watercress, but particularly "spring buds": White asparagus with pink shades, and green asparagus with violet shades, which find ideal terrain especially in Cimadolmo and in Badoere, both famous for the protected geographical indication recognition and "winter flowers": fine winter chicory as the Late red Radicchio and Early red Variegated of Castelfranco Treviso chicory winter prized, also decorated I.G.P. Other typical product recognized Dop is the "CASATELLA d.o.p.", a particular type of cheese.

In this area there is a close interconnection between wine and food and the Veneto is famous throughout the world for its wine production. Here, you can taste the local wines in the midst of old churches, villas, restaurants, gifts.

The province of Treviso and in particular the area from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene is famous for the Prosecco wine route; It is here that runs one of the most important areas in Italy for the oenology.

The "strada del Prosecco" is the first example of a tourist reporting-Italian food and wine and dates back to 1966.

Not least the "Strada dei Vini del Piave" which includes vines of Cabernet, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot.

Among le terre del Piave and Sile many events to know, live and enjoy.

At this point we wish you Bon Appetit, among the wide range of events that this earth has to offer.



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