1. Piazza dei Signori
    Piazza dei Signori
  2. Carraresi
    Casa Carraresi
  3. Palazzo dei trecento
    Palazzo dei trecento
  4. Chiesa di San Francesco
    Chiesa di San Francesco
  5. Casa dei Buranelli
    Casa dei Buranelli



 Dove Sile e Cagnan s'accompagna »

(Dante AlighieriDivina Commedia

 (Paradiso, IX, v.49))

Treviso is a town of 83 375 inhabitants, capital of the province in the Veneto region.

It is located on the central plains, in an area rich in springs and rivers resurgence, of which the most important is the Botteniga, even if the course d 'water main remains the Sile, which touches the southern walls.

It is a beautiful medieval town where you can see the old water mills, picturesque canals and arcades that surround the city can offer unspoilt corners and natural, like the park of the aforementioned river Sile and places of interest in the 'cultural and historical aspect artistic. Suffice it to mention the Church of St. Nicholas, the largest church in Treviso situated right on the left bank of the Sile, whose architecture with exposed bricks reminiscent of the Gothic style of the thirteenth century. In the heart of Treviso opens the beautiful Piazza dei Signori, symbol of the city, the Loggia dei Cavalieri, the Dome of the fourth century.

Around this square are the most important buildings of the town: the Palazzo del Podesta, the Civic Tower, the Palace of the thirdteenth century. For the strong cultural impact must remember also Ca 'dei Carraresi, beautiful medieval building in red brick that along with House Brittoni hosts international art exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

Do not miss the most picturesque as the area of ​​the Fish, the channel Buranelli and the old mill.

The museums all 'inside of the center of Treviso and are found along the city walls


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