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Natural Itinerary


The Regional Natural Park of the River Sile is a protected area that stretches along the Sile, from the sources located between Casacorba and Cavasagra di Vedelago, Torreselle di Piombino Dese and Portegrandi di Quarto d'Altino.

The river tourism is very important in this place for the point of view of history, about the ancient tradition from Roman times up to the twentieth century.

You can navigate with one of the classic boats and spend a holiday to discover unusual harbors, marinas, eateries and overnight.

You can find also a pedestrian and bicycle paths,called Girasile, where through 90km of bike path starting from Portegrandi Casacorba you get to the Venice Lagoon.

Together with Sile, in these places there is also the Piave River, the fifth-longest among those that flow directly into the sea. Born in the Eastern Alps and its mouth is in the Adriatic Sea, north-east of Venice, at the port of Cortellazzo. It is also known as "river sacred to the country" in memory of the fighting that took place in the First World War.

Along its course, the Piave touches the Montello, modest mountain relief, where the point of maximum altitude is Colesel Valle Acqua (371m). This relief extends from the town of Nervesa della Battaglia until Montebelluna and Crocetta del Montello.

The backbone of Montello is crossed throughout its length from the SP 144 that goes from Montebelluna in Nervesa della Battaglia. It is intersected perpendicularly from almost 21 roads taken, streets that climb along a side of the hill and descend from the opposite side, great place for walkers and for cyclists for quietness.

The forest of Montello, for isolation and quiet, was chosen in the past as a place of spiritual retreat. This is the case of the Charterhouse and the abbey of Saint Eustace and today remains one of the places where you can taste the typical food of the Treviso cuisine between farmhouses and old inns, where you can spend a fantastic weekend with family and friends . A place suitable for all ages from the most tender.

At the B&B you can also use a natural-environmental guide will escort you on an interesting journey through the beauties of Sile and nature surrounding.


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